Welcome to Metalsearch Limited

Metalsearch Limited is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:MSE)

Our core purpose is to create shareholder wealth by  leveraging novel and proprietary mineral processing technologies to drive future production of mineral and industrial compounds from our large kaolin deposit, the Abercorn Project.

Our strategy is to become an Australian industrial mineral and compound producer and we remain focused on the development of our Queensland based Abercorn Project, acquired in August 2019. Abercorn is a large-scale kaolin prospect, which has the potential to underpin the production of high-purity alumina (HPA), aluminium sulfate (ALUM) and synthetic zeolite, from the high-grade kaolin resource.

We are working with the University of Queensland School of Chemical Engineering to develop and commercialise novel and proprietary zeolite mineral processing technology that consumes clay-based feeds (ie kaolin or clay-bearing mine tailings) to produce high value zeolites. The technology has the potential to fast track development of the Abercorn Project, with a low capital cost to reach commercial production, utilising the company’s existing kaolin feedstock. It also provides potential opportunities to monetise broader application of the technology outside the company by offering a significantly lower cost method of manufacturing zeolites compared to conventional processes.

The Company also owns 100% of the Kraaipan Gold-Nickel-Copper-PGM Project in southern Botswana, however there are no current activities at this site.

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