Working in Partnership with The University of Queensland

Zeotech (“ZEO”) values its close working relationship with the University of Queensland, which through UniQuest is a major shareholder with 6.44% of issued capital.  This partnership places the company at the forefront of environmental mineral process technology development [1].

Synthetic Zeolites, mineral processing technology – provisional patent lodged July 2019.

Zeotech have secured an exclusive worldwide licence from UniQuest, the technology transfer company of The University of Queensland (UQ) for the manufacturing (synthesizing) of synthetic zeolites. The technology has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing zeolites, compared to conventional production processes.

Synthetic zeolites are used in a broad range of applications including – water treatment (purification and separation), agriculture, detergent builders and cracking processes in the pharmaceutical and petroleum industries.

Under lab conditions, UQ demonstrated:

  • up to 70% reduction in energy in the thermal activation stage;
  • up to 80% reduction in production time in subsequent zeolite precipitation steps;
  • significant reduction in toxic waste.

UniQuest CEO Dr Dean Moss said the UQ technology has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing zeolites, compared to current production processes.

“The UQ technology used to produce the synthetic zeolite has shown potential to reduce energy consumption and production time, compared to traditional methods in lab experiments.

“UniQuest is very pleased to have partnered with Zeotech for this promising technology. With the Zeotech licence, and an associated research agreement, we are excited to support Zeotech to explore broader use across multiple industry applications and further commercialise this technology to create change.” Dr Moss said.

High Purity Alumina (HPA), mineral processing technology provisional patent lodged November 2019.

The School of Chemical Engineering at UQ worked in collaboration with Abercorn Kaolin Pty Ltd (since late 2018), a wholly owned subsidiary of Zeotech to develop a novel approach to HPA production.

Zeotech owns 100% of the Intellectual Property associated with the provisional patent application and as announced to the ASX on 17th October 2019, kaolin from Zeotech’s Abercorn Project has successfully produced 4N HPA (99.99%+) Al2O3 using a traditional process.

UQ School of Chemical Engineering Associate Professor, Dr James Vaughan said he was delighted with the work on HPA provisional patent application.

“We have worked in close collaboration with Abercorn over the past 12 months and are delighted that a provisional patent application has been lodged. We look forward to further developing our research work on behalf of Zeotech Ltd.” Associate Professor, Dr James Vaughan said.


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Before Abercorn kaolin

After zeolite LTA (Linde Type A)